Solar System in Panama City, FL

LocationFoster Ave, Panama City

Green Home Systems is proud to have completed a solar system installation in Panama City, FL for our customer David M. With the help of our team, David was able to increase the value of his home and reduce his electricity costs.

David contacted us with an urgent need for a 10kW solar system to be installed in less than a month. We knew that this was a tall order, but we accepted the challenge and worked hard to meet the deadline.

Our team of experts got to work right away. We evaluated David’s home and determined what type of solar system would best meet his needs. After careful consideration, we chose to install high-efficiency monocrystalline solar panels and a hybrid inverter. This combination would provide David with optimal energy efficiency and cost savings.

We also used special mounting systems that allowed us to install the solar panels quickly and securely. This ensured that the system was stable and reliable.

Once we finished the installation, we tested the system and made sure it was working properly. We also provided David with a detailed explanation of how to use and maintain the new solar system.

David was very pleased with our work and the results.

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