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How Solar Works

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We are dedicated to making an impact on the environment by decreasing our carbon footprint.

Solar Panels

Solar panels absorb photons from the sun and convert them into Direct Current (DC) electricity which flows to an inverter.


Inverters are devices that convert the DC electricity produced by your solar panels into Alternating Current (AC) electricity.

Switch Boards

The AC electricity is then sent to the electrical panel and harnessed to power your home or business.

Utility Meter

Any excess energy created by your solar electric system will flow into the utility grid through the meter.

The Grid

The grid is the interconnected network that stores electricity and powers your property when energy demand exceeds solar production.


Download monitoring software to individually track each solar panel’s energy production 24/7.

Rooftop Solar Panel Installation

Rooftop solar panel installation offers the greatest sun exposure with the lowest labor cost. Rooftop installations are efficient, convenient and provide a high return on investment. Once installed, we will connect your inverter to your service meter, and you can start enjoying the benefits of energy independence.

Ground Mount Solar Panel Installations

For homeowners who prefer easier access to their solar panels and have extra land available, ground mounted installations provide an appealing alternative with flexibility for future modifications.

Staying Connected On The Grid

Homeowners who switch to solar have the option to remain connected to the grid through net metering and/or net billing. This ensures that you always have access to energy during months when your system may not produce enough electricity. This way, any unused kWh can be rolled over to the next month or sold back to the utility company, providing additional financial benefits.

Going Off The Grid

But for some, going solar is only half the fun. There are ways you can go completely off the grid and obtain absolute energy autonomy. One way is a battery backup system, which allows you to store excess energy much like the grid would, and it feeds it back to you when you wish to draw from it later. Power generators are another option. These devices work as a reinforcement for days you do not produce enough energy. Rather than store surplus electricity from your panels like batteries, they produce electricity as an alternate source. Your power generator will only be in use when you use more energy than your solar panels produce on any given day.