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Become Our Ambassador

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Our Ambassador Referral Program is a chance for enthusiastic individuals to become brand ambassadors and promote renewable energy solutions.
As a participant, you can educate your community about the advantages of solar panels and endorse our products and services.
It's an opportunity to make a positive impact and earn generous commissions by referring solar installations.

Join us in spreading the word about the benefits of solar and shaping a sustainable future.

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Earn $50 for Each Quote Sent To Referral
Earn $1,000 For Each Referred Installation

1. Apply for our Ambassador Program

2. Refer a friend or family member

3. Earn $1,000 for each referred installation

1. Register With Our Ambassador Program

2. Refer a Friend, Family Member or Generate Referrals Thru Social Media Placements

3. Earn $1,000 for Each Referred Installation

Download the GHS Solar Referral App

Manage your referrals and track your rewards with GHS Solar Referral App!
Simply download the GHS Referral App from the App Store or Google Play Store,
and start sending referrals and earning $1,000* for each person who signs up with GHS.

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