Solar Panels

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Solar Panels

Panasonic EPV360K EverVolt Black Series

Panasonic EverVolt™ Black Series solar modules produce more power over the long haul fueled by industry-leading conversion efficiency and low degradation rate. Superior module efficiency of 20.6% (360W) and 20% (350W) and greater high-temperature performance deliver a high-output renewable energy source for residential solar systems.

Available in 360-watt and 350-watt models, EverVolt Black Series panels are covered by a complete 25-year warranty from one of America’s most trusted brands.

We Are An Authorized Panasonic Dealer

We have partnered with Panasonic Electronics to provide unraveled solar solutions to our customers.

LG Solar Panels

For more than 50 years, LG has been pioneering cutting-edge electronics technology and now are blazing new territory in solar panel efficiency. With near-zero light-induced degradation, improved temperature coefficient, and clean, aesthetically pleasing, durable roof design, LG has taken the homeowner’s solar power experience to the next level.

Lg solar panel

We Are An Authorized LG Partner

We at Green Home Systems have partnered with LG Electronics to provide unraveled solar solutions to our customers.

longi solar panel

Longi Solar Panel

At Green Home Systems, we have years of experience designing and installing solar panels systems.

 We will determine your energy consumption needs and take into account the unique characteristics of your property to help you choose the best panels and design and install a perfect PV system that will help you get the most out of your investment.

Reach out to us to learn more about Longi Solar panels or schedule an on-site consultation with our experts,.