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We Are An Authorized LG Partner

Enphase Battery

At GHS, we take pride in being the first and foremost choice of the homeowners trained and certified to install Enphase Recharge batteries.

Whether you are a new and retrofit solar customer, we can professionally design a customized system that perfectly fits your specific needs.

Enphase Battery

Green Home Systems has partnered with LG to provide unraveled solar solutions.

LGCHEM Battery

We at Green Home Systems take immense pride in being a certified installer of LG panels, energy storage systems, and related accessories. 

No matter whether you are a new or retrofitting solar customer, we will design and install a perfect product to enhance your solar system’s performance and maximize your energy savings.   

Reach out to us to learn more about LG solar products or schedule a consultation with us.

We Are An Authorized Enphase Partner

Green Home Systems has partnered with Enphase to provide unraveled solar solutions.