Solar Installation in Woodbury, MN

LocationDartford Rd, Woodbury

You may be wondering how solar energy can help you save money on your electric bill.
At Green Home Systems, we understand that every customer’s needs are different.
That’s why we offer a variety of solar panel systems to choose from, each designed to meet the specific needs of our clients.

In the case of our client Virginia G., we installed a 5.78 kW grid tie-in solar panel system on her home in Woodbury, MN.
The system was designed to take advantage of the full exposure to the sun the property had, and the racking system we used was sloped roof compatible.
The type of solar panel system we chose for her was grid tie-in, which allows her to sell any excess energy she produces back to the utility company.

The installation process was completed in just one week, and the results have been amazing.
Virginia’s new solar energy system has lowered her electric bill by an average of $50 per month, and it has also reduced her carbon footprint.
Most importantly, she now enjoys the peace of mind that comes with knowing her energy costs are locked-in at a low rate for years to come.

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