Going Solar in Lehigh Acres, FL

LocationCurtis Ave, Lehigh Acres

You may be considering solar energy for your home. If you are, you’re making a wise decision. Solar energy is a great way to reduce your monthly energy costs and increase the value of your home. And, thanks to our competitive pricing, it’s more affordable than ever before.

At Green Home Systems, we offer unparalleled solar solutions. We provide our customers with the best customer service in the industry, and our products are backed by some of the best warranties in the business. We’re also proud to offer financing options, which make solar energy more affordable than ever before.

We recently had the pleasure of working with Michael M. in Lehigh Acres, FL. Michael was looking for a way to reduce his monthly energy costs and increase the value of his home, and solar energy was the perfect solution. We worked with Michael to design a system that would meet his needs, and we were able to get him an amazing deal on a top-of-the-line LG solar panel system.

The installation went smoothly, thanks to our experienced team of professionals. And, thanks to our advanced racking system, we were able to install the system on Michael’s sloped roof without any problems.

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