Success Story: Kittanning, PA Residents Go Solar with Green Home Systems

LocationU.S. 422, Kittanning

For Kittanning, PA residents Donald T., going solar was the logical choice when looking for an economical and efficient way to power their home. With energy costs on the rise, they decided to look into solar energy as a way to save money and make their home more sustainable. After doing some research, they chose Green Home Systems for their 10.22kW system due to our competitive pricing and our BBB accreditation. 

They worked closely with our team of experienced professionals who took the time to understand their needs and provide them with a tailored solution that would meet their specific requirements. Our team helped them design a system that would give them the most efficient and cost effective result while keeping their budget in mind. We also provided comprehensive customer service throughout the entire process—from initial consultation to installation and maintenance—ensuring that every step was handled seamlessly. 

When it came time for installation, we arrived at the site on time and ready to work. Our highly trained technicians worked quickly and efficiently to install the system according to our high standards of quality and safety. We took extra care in ensuring that all components were installed correctly so that Donald T. could enjoy optimal performance from their solar energy system for years to come. 

After installation was complete, we provided Donald T with ongoing support and maintenance services that included regular checkups and troubleshooting if needed. This helps them keep their system running smoothly so that they can continue enjoying clean, renewable energy without any worries or hassle. 

At Green Home Systems, our goal is always to provide our customers with an unbeatable solar experience that meets all of their needs—and we’re proud to say that we did just that for Donald T in Kittanning, PA! Our competitive pricing combined with our top-notch customer service made them feel confident about choosing us for this project—and we look forward to continuing to serve them for years to come!

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