Going Solar in Archer City, TX

LocationS Center, Archer City

Brandon in Archer City, TX decided to go solar with Green Home Systems and is very happy with the results! We were able to install a 7.24 kW system on his home that will save him money on his electricity bill and help him do his part in preserving the environment.

We were able to work with Brandon to find the perfect solar panel system for his needs and his property exposure to the sun. Our grid tie-in system was perfect for his home and we were even able to use SolarEdge inverters that will maximize the production of his solar panels.

The installation process was a bit challenging due to the insufficient roof space, but we were still able to get the job done quickly and efficiently. And now that the system is installed, Brandon is seeing the benefits! His lower electricity bill is just the start, as he’ll be locked-in at low energy costs for years to come.

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