Solarmount is the professionals’ choice for residential PV mounting applications.



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The Professionals' Choice


Solar Mount


Better Design, Better Support, Better Results

SOLARMOUNT is the professionals’ choice for residential PV mounting applications. Every aspect of the system is designed for an easier, faster installation experience. SOLARMOUNT is a complete solution with revolutionary universal clamps, FLASHKIT PRO, full system UL 2703 certification, and a 25-year warranty. Not only is SOLARMOUNT easy to install, but best-in-class aesthetics make it the most attractive on any block!



Better Solar Starts Here

Unirac is North America’s leading manufacturer of solar PV mounting systems. Recognized for our excellence in product development, we provide the best mounting solutions to our customers through competitively priced products, responsive customer support, integrated technology solutions, robust engineering services, certified quality, and supply chain excellence. With 20 years of customer service, Unirac has over 5GW of experience and nearly 750,000 installations worth of knowledge; partnering with Unirac leverages experience that makes a difference.

Our Complete Solar Process

Free Consultation

1. Free Consultation

Our team will put together a custom solar quote based on your home’s architecture and energy needs. It will include all of your options and project your energy savings for years to come. We’ll answer any questions you may have and prepare a blueprint for your solar energy system.

Customize Your Solar Power System

2. Customize Your Solar Power System

Shortly after your solar consultation, one of our skilled surveyors will visit to take a closer look at your home's roof and take some measurements in order to adjust and personalize your solar panel installation to perfectly meet the expectations of your home.


3. Sign Your Agreement

Your solar agreement will secure your solar energy cost for the next 20 to 30 years. This can depend on what solar option you decide to go with. We also make sure that the most important details of your solar agreement are right on the front page.

Fast And Professional Installation

4. Fast And Professional Installation

Our solar installation partners in your area will begin on a day that is convenient for you. We will take care of the array layout, the permitting process, and the site inspections. The only thing you have to do is simply sit back and watch it all come together.

Turn The Power On

5. Turn The Power On

This is the final and most exciting step of the solar process. Once the utility company gives us the approval, you get to flip the switch to start generating clean and affordable solar energy.

Enjoy The Savings

6. Sit Back And Enjoy The Savings

Now your solar power system is connected and operational. You can enjoy the savings your solar energy system will bring for years to come. Our Customer Service will be available should you have additional questions or concerns.

Why Hire Green Home Systems For Your Complete Solar Needs?

We’re adept at the demands and nuances of a providing solar panels, and we’re committed to keeping your vision and satisfaction in mind throughout the entire process.

Solar Specialists

Solar Specialists

For the best long-term results, hire Green Home Systems to transform your residence into an efficient solar home. As experienced and respected professionals, we understand what it takes to keep your home producing its own solar energy year after year.


Honesty And Integrity

Undertaking an extensive home upgrade project can be complicated. It is our job to make sure all of your concerns are handled in a timely manner. We’re transparent about our work, honest about the costs, and dedicated to a high-quality outcome that you’ll be happy with.


Trusted Installers

We work with reliable installers in your community. It’s important to entrust your solar panel project to licensed professionals who carry the appropriate insurance. All of our installation partners have the requisite training and experience for top-notch job performance.


Ground Mount

Ground Fixed Tilt (GFT) is an engineered system of standard, lightweight ground mount components that are in stock and ready to ship from North America’s largest ground-mount distribution network. Unirac’s unmatched commercial project support makes construction easy, from permitting through installation, including region-specific engineering. GFT’s refined solution, including a new shared Rail design, delivers enhanced system and labor optimization. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with SOLARMOUNT Mounting Technology and Unirac’s industry-leading 25-year warranty. Unirac’s Ground Fixed Tilt (GFT) has evolved from more than 12 years of experience meeting a variety of project requirements. A synergy of steel components and aluminum parts delivers performance with the lowest system cost. Installation savings are captured through efficiently engineered components, optional pre-assembled parts, and integrated bonding for optimized construction sequencing. GFT delivers engineered cost savings to meet your project needs.