Throughout history, glaciers have both advanced and retreated, asteroid debris created months of darkness and tropical climates once blanketed Greenland. But today, we’re in a pattern of gradual warming.


Since the late 19th century, our global temperature has risen 2.12 degrees Fahrenheit, driven by an increase in carbon dioxide emissions. Extreme weather that was once rare — destructive wildfires, deadly heatwaves, torrential rains and record hurricanes — are now becoming commonplace. From coast to coast, these severe weather events are pushing aging utility networks beyond their limits. The result is widespread power outages that are lasting longer and longer. Five years ago, the average American homeowner endured less than four hours per year without power. In 2020, that length of time more than doubled to eight hours.

Lengthy power outages aren’t just an inconvenience, they can be deadly. The historic deep freeze in Texas claimed the lives of nearly 250 vulnerable residents when the power grid failed and left 4 million people without electricity for days. Without immediate solutions for our nation’s aging infrastructure and a climate that continues to stress the grid, many fear these tragedies will become more common.


So, what can you do to protect your home and keep you and your family safe During Severe Weather & Planned Power Outages?

It’s clear that the most practical solutions from utility companies are focused on restoring power quickly, not preventing grid failure. Losing electricity for a day is certainly better than a week, but residents must still plan for electrical outages, as they’re becoming the norm.

Disaster preparation never seems like a top priority until you’re in the midst of mayhem. Abrupt, weather-related outages happen without warning, and planned shutoffs give you just enough time to gather basic supplies. By preparing for outages long beforehand with solar and battery backup power, you can ensure your home has a reliable source of energy during a grid failure.

Green Home Systems

At Green Home Systems, we believe everyone should have the freedom to live life uninterrupted. We imagine a world where you can use the energy you need, when you need it, how you need it — regardless of how the electric grid is performing or the weather outside your window. Our team is focused on powering energy independence and developing the most effective ways to bring reliable energy to you, your family, and your community.

That’s why we offer add-on battery storage for any home solar system. Solar battery backup offers an eco-friendly alternative to noisy, portable generators that guzzle gasoline outside your home. Gas can be scarce during a disaster, and your emergency generator may only run for a few hours before it’s empty.

With no fuel needed, Green Home System Battery option provides consistent power during the day or night. If you live in California and experience planned power shutoffs, a battery backup system lets you tap into the energy your solar panels produce to keep your electricity on when the grid is down. This way, you can continue working from home, cooking meals, running your forced-air furnace, watching the news, and operating medical equipment like oxygen devices.

Our climate may be changing, but your lifestyle doesn’t have to. Start planning today for power outages tomorrow — and enjoy the ability to live life uninterrupted.

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