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Green Home Systems recently completed a 12.60 kW SolarEdge/Panasonic Solar Installation in Lincoln, IL for Thomas W., a local resident interested in saving the environment and increasing his home value. The project took a couple months to complete and included Grid tie-in solar panel system with Panasonic solar panels and a SolarEdge inverter.

Green Home Systems was chosen for the job because of our competitive pricing, performance and durability guarantees, as well as our excellent customer service. We were referred to Thomas by word of mouth through Facebook.

We provided Thomas with an unbeatable combination of reliable solar power and cost savings due to our high quality products and services. We used only the best components for the system including Panasonic HIT® photovoltaic modules which have been tested to withstand extreme weather conditions and are certified for long term reliability. We also used SolarEdge’s industry leading inverters which offer maximum energy production at 98% efficiency, monitoring capabilities that enable real time tracking of system performance, and easy integration with our other components for optimal results.

The installation itself went smoothly thanks to our highly experienced installers who have years of experience in solar installations across the country. We made sure that every detail was handled properly from start to finish so that Thomas could enjoy the full benefits of his new solar system as soon as possible.

We are proud to say that we successfully achieved Thomas’s goal of saving the environment while increasing his home value with this project. With our competitive pricing, performance guarantees and excellent customer service, Green Home Systems is committed to helping more customers save money on their electricity bills while making a positive impact on the planet.


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