Going Solar in Pearland, TX

LocationWillow Lake, Pearland

When Leighton T. decided to go solar, he chose Green Home Systems for our unbeatable prices and our excellent reputation. We installed a 17.88 kW solar system on his home in Pearland, TX. The system is grid tie-in, which means that it feeds power into the grid when the sun is shining and draws power from the grid at night or during times of low solar production. This type of system is perfect for homeowners who want to reduce their utility bill and increase the value of their home.

The installation went smoothly, despite some challenges with insufficient roof space and shading issues. The end result was a lower electricity bill, an increase in home value and a reduction in the homeowner’s carbon footprint. Leighton was very pleased with our work and would recommend us to anyone looking for a solar installation. If you’re interested in going solar, contact us today for a free consultation.

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