Solar Installation in Fort Bragg, CA

LocationSherwood Rd, Fort Bragg

Green Home Systems is proud to have helped Natalie K. of Fort Bragg, CA get a solar installation for her home.

Natalie was looking for a way to reduce her carbon footprint and lower her electricity bill. She found out about our services online and decided to give us a call.

We got in touch with her and scheduled an appointment for an on-site consultation. We did a site assessment, conducted an energy audit, and inspected the roof for any shading issues that could affect the installation.

We then did the installation of the solar system, which included 3.65 kW of LG solar panels and an Enphase inverter. The installation took one week to complete and when it was done, we had her system grid tied-in.

The result of our work was quite impressive: Natalie’s energy bill has gone down by $300 per month (from $300 to $100) and she is now using less coal power than before!

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