The Solar Success Story of Rebecca S. in Portageville, Missouri

LocationStafford Dr, Portageville

When Rebecca S. from Portageville, Missouri decided to go solar, she wanted to make sure she was getting the best possible solution for her home. After extensive research, she chose Green Home Systems – an experienced provider of solar energy solutions in Sherman Oaks, California – to help her reduce her environmental footprint and save money on electricity bills. 

Rebecca was impressed by the craftsmanship and wide selection of solar panels offered by Green Home Systems. She arranged for a roof inspection to determine the best size system for her needs and decided on a 9.36 kW system; a perfect fit for her home’s energy requirements. What really sealed the deal for Rebecca was Green Home Systems’ commitment to completing the project on time and in budget. 

Rebecca’s family had recommended Green Home Systems to her and she found out why – their customer service was second to none; they were always available to answer any questions or concerns she had throughout the entire process. 

The installation process went smoothly as well; Green Home Systems provided top notch installation services that ensured her new system was up and running quickly and efficiently. The team was also very knowledgeable about local building codes and permit regulations so there were no complications or delays due to incorrect paperwork or processes. 

Now that her new 9.36 kW solar system is up and running, Rebecca is reaping all the benefits that come with going solar such as significantly lower electricity bills each month as well as reducing her carbon footprint and helping the environment. 

Green Home Systems is proud to have been able to work with Rebecca on this project and provide her with an economical solution that met all of her needs perfectly without sacrificing quality or service. We’re confident that this success story will inspire others in Portageville, Missouri who are considering going solar to take the plunge!

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