SolarEdge & Panasonic Solar Installation in Knoxville, IL

LocationW Douglas, Knoxville

At Green Home Systems, we provide unparalleled solar solutions at the most economical price and give our customers the best customer service in the industry. We recently had a customer from Knoxville, Illinois who wanted to take advantage of the benefits of solar energy.

The customer, Richard C., contacted us after performing an online search for a reputable solar contractor. He wanted to install a 6.48 kW SOLAREDGE & PANASONIC system on his home to reduce his utility bill and take advantage of government and utility company incentives.

We quickly got to work on the project and delivered the system within a couple of weeks. We chose products from PANASONIC and SOLAREDGE for this installation due to their competitive pricing and reliable performance. The system was installed efficiently and seamlessly with minimal disruption to Richard’s daily routine.

With the new solar system in place, Richard was able to significantly reduce his monthly electricity bill through net metering as well as lower his carbon footprint substantially by relying more on renewable energy sources. As a bonus, he also had backup power for his home during times of outages or emergencies.

Overall, we are proud of our team’s ability to deliver this project on time and with quality results that exceeded our customer’s expectations. We thank Richard for choosing Green Home Systems for his solar solution needs in Knoxville, IL, and we look forward to working on many more projects like this one in the future!


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