Success Story: Anne M. Goes Solar in Willits, CA

LocationPoppy Dr, Willits

When Anne M. from Willits, CA was ready to switch to solar energy, she chose Green Home Systems and couldn’t have been happier with her decision. With years of experience in the industry and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Green Home Systems has become the go-to solar provider for residents in Willits and throughout California. 

Anne M. knew that switching to solar energy could help her save money on her energy bills each month, but wasn’t sure where to start. After researching several options, she decided to contact Green Home Systems for a free consultation. The team at Green Home Systems was more than happy to answer Anne’s questions and patiently explain the process of switching to solar energy step by step. 

The team at Green Home Systems recommended that Anne install a 5 kW system on her property, which would be more than enough to meet her needs while still taking advantage of all available incentives from the local utility company. The team also discussed the possibility of leasing or purchasing the system outright, as well as financing options if needed. After carefully considering all of her options, Anne decided that purchasing the system outright was the best choice for her needs and budget. 

After deciding on a system size and payment plan, it was time for installation work to begin. The team at Green Home Systems made sure that every detail of installation was done according to plan and even worked around Anne’s busy schedule so that she could be home during certain parts of the process if needed. The team also took care of all permitting paperwork required by the city so that the process could be completed quickly and efficiently. 

Once installation was complete, Anne started seeing immediate savings on her monthly energy bills thanks to her new solar system! She also appreciated the fact that she would now be able to contribute towards a greener future by producing clean energy for herself and others in Willits. 

As an added bonus, Anne also benefited from Green Home System’s Better Business Bureau accreditation which provided additional peace of mind throughout the entire process knowing that she was working with an experienced and reliable company who had a proven track record of providing excellent customer service. 

At the end of it all, Anne was thrilled with her decision to trust Green Home Systems with her solar installation needs in Willits, CA! She now enjoys lower electricity bills each month while also doing her part for a cleaner environment thanks to making the switch to green energy with help from Green Home Systems!

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