If you are a homeowner in America, you have probably thought long and often about ways to improve your property. From making it more functionally efficient to aesthetically pleasing, are many ways to upgrade your prized real estate investment and get the most out of it. At Green Home Systems, we specialize in helping to make your home your castle, and we know that low monthly costs and energy independence are at the heart of this process.

In this blog we will detail some of the excellent products we provide and the ways they can help turn your home into an asset, providing sustained energy independence and peace of mind for decades to come.

Prepare to Go Solar with a Solid Roof

At Green Home Systems, a great first step is to secure a solid roof. Most homeowners can bypass this stage. But it’s always good to be sure. We provide roof construction and reinforcement to make sure your roof is stable. And can support a rooftop solar array well into the future. Choose from Starter Shingles, Shingles, or Hip & Ridge Shingles. Our roof work comes with a 5-year warranty. If you have additional land on your property, ground mount options are available as well.

American Solar Photovoltaic Technology -American-Made Solar Products you can trust

Next, we go solar. Solar power offers homeowners the opportunity to generate their own electricity. Which supports a lifestyle of clean energy and utility company independence. We are preferred installers of LG Solar and Mission Solar Energy high-efficiency modules. Their solar panels are made in America and provide the highest output of energy in the industry. The link that with 25-year warranties and you’ll have the best deal a homeowner can get.

Don’t forget that with every solar PV system. You will need inverters to convert those direct currents into alternating currents. We recommend Enphase Microinverter Technology for greater convenience with managing your entire solar array. But also provide SolarEdge Inverter and Optimizer Systems. Which also helps keep your system running efficiently with each solar panel operating. And trackable independent of one another.

Going Off-Grid with Battery Storage

Some homeowners want nothing to do with utility companies anymore. Instead of leveraging the advantages that come with grid interconnection such as being able to install a smaller solar PV system or accumulating Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), they just want to power up and store their excess electricity themselves. In such cases, for a little extra cost, we do provide LG Energy Storage Systems (ESS) which provide off-grid independence —perfect for homeowners who enjoy fully self-sustaining lifestyles.

Backup Power Generators

With Generac Power Generators, you can provide additional power to your home. This may come especially handy if the utility company shuts down on a rainy day. Power generators work as a backup power source to keep you going until the utility company or the sun return to power your home. The Guardian Series automatic home standby generator comes in four different output sizes: 9 kW, 11 kW, 16 kW, and 20 kW systems. Talk with a solar professional to determine if a power generator is right for you.

With all of these great options available, there is no reason any U.S. homeowner should not be self-sustaining, energy-efficient, and saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year on their power generation costs. Contact us to see how one or more of these options can help you on your path to long-term energy independence.

Solar Energy Incentives for American Homeowners with American Solar Photovoltaic Technology

If you were fortunate enough to buy your home, you understand the lasting value of ownership. First-time homeowners learn quickly that paying to own as opposed to renting produces residual returns on their investment. When you rent, you lose that money forever and never own a piece of the home. But when you pay a mortgage or purchase your home outright, you are doing so to become the owner and never pay to live in the home again. Going the route of homeownership is ultimately cheaper and far more satisfying. Yet, knowing the benefits of ownership to the homeowner, it is ironic how most homeowners power their homes every day.

According to Pew Research Center, more than 93% of the nation’s homeowners are still renting their electricity supply services from utility companies powered primarily by fossil fuel resources. But why is this? If homeowners understand that owning your home is better than renting, wouldn’t they know that producing their own electricity is better than renting services from their utility company?

The truth is, most homeowners either haven’t put much thought into going solar, or they haven’t had it properly presented to them in a way that makes sense. At Green Home Systems, we provide complete solar services for homeowners every step of the way. From your initial free consultation and estimate to connecting your solar panel installation, and everything in between, we make sure the transition to solar energy makes sense for you years into the future.

So if solar is so great, what are the benefits of American Solar Photovoltaic Technology? Well, I’m glad you asked. Let’s talk a little about solar energy incentives.

  1. Lower Utility Costs: When you go solar, you are producing your own electricity by capturing photons from the sun in your solar panels. Then your inverter converts direct current energy to alternating currents, enabling you to power your home at will. This amounts to significantly lower utility bills, and in some cases, only a few dollars for your grid connection.
  2. Sustain the Environment: By going solar, you are reducing your carbon footprint. The average residential solar panel array will eliminate approximately four tons of carbon emissions per year.
  3. Huge Tax Breaks: Who wants to cut their own federal taxes? Going solar means being able to qualify for the Solar Federal Tax Credit which means up to 26% of your system can be funded with money you owe back on your taxes.
  4. Increase Property Value: Did you know by installing solar panels on your home, its value immediately goes up $15K to $30K? Solar brings up your property value.
  5. Achieve Energy Independence: Having your own solar PV system means producing your own electricity. This spells out energy independence. So long as the sun rises, you will produce more to power your home. Even on cloudy or rainy days, you will still generate some electricity.
  6. Support the United States Economy: There are many jobs involved in the solar process. By going solar, you are supporting U.S. job growth and helping to keep America’s economy strong and independent.
  7. Health Benefits: Not many people think of their health when going solar, but what happens when you reduce your carbon footprint? Less pollution. And what happens with less pollution? Fewer cases of chronic bronchitis, respiratory, and cardiovascular problems, as well as fewer lost workdays related to health issues. So go solar . . .  and do it for your health!

In addition to these amazing benefits to going solar, every state and utility company will offer its own list of incentives. Speak to one of our Solar Consultants to find out what incentives are running in your area.

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