Green Home Systems recently announced that they will now offer off-grid systems consisting of HomeGrid batteries and SolArk inverters.

What exactly is an off-grid systems?

Off-grid systems simply refers to a solar energy system that meets all energy needs for a home. Or business with no help from the electrical grid or utility companies. The only energy source an off-grid system uses is the sun. To create a proper off-grid system, an energy storage system. Like a battery, must should paired with the system at the site of power consumption (the home or business).

While installing an off-grid system was once a fringe concept due to sheer size restriction and hefty costs, advancements in solar technology over the last decade have made installing an off-grid system affordable and compact. Because of this, solar panel systems have become far more mainstream in recent years, and it’s common to see compact systems small enough to fit on an RV.

Managing Director at Green Home SystemsRobbie Hebert, shares, “We’re thrilled to be able to offer off-grid systems to our customers. Getting to this point in the solar world has been an incredibly worth-while journey, and we’re looking forward to an even brighter future ahead.”

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