Green Home Systems recently made the exciting announcement that they have partnered with Nuance Energy, a top solar racking company offering exceptional services at an affordable cost.

Who is Nuance Energy?

In their own words, “Nuance Energy is a vertically integrated company that is making solar energy substantially more affordable via breakthrough advances in innovative products and best business practices.”

They continue on to share, “The patent-pending Osprey PowerPlatform® takes a new and revolutionary approach to ground mount solar racking systems and is delivering impressive results in EPC best installation practices.”

Why is racking important?

Green Home Systems Managing Director, Robbie Hebert, explains, “Racking is essentially the foundation of the entire solar energy system. We specifically use Nuance for racking for solar systems that sit on the ground. Needless to say, you want that structure to be sturdy and able to endure any natural elements it may face during the lifetime of the system. Without proper racking, the entire system could face catastrophe.”

Hebert continues on to share why GHS chose Nuance Energy.

“We chose Nuance Energy because they are simply some of the best in the business,” says Hebert. “We always partner with companies in the best interest of our customers, and we know Nuance Energy provides services that our customers can count on for the long-run. Plus, partnering with Nuance allows our contractors who install the systems to save time and also allows for solar systems to be installed in the winter even when the ground is frozen since there’s no need for digging with the racking that Nuance provides.”

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