Solar Panel Installation in Whitehouse, TX


Solar Panel Installation in Whitehouse, TX

Green Home Systems makes going solar fun and easy! This elaborate roof-mounted photovoltaic system for Pavlina of Whitehouse, TX is fully equipped with just the right number of American-made LG 330 solar modules to produce energy independence. We were able to engineer system design to meet this home’s annual energy demand. But our work doesn’t stop there. GHS collected all necessary permits from the city to get this system up and running. Pavlina’s giant-sized 17,820-watt system consists of 54 solar panels and is accompanied by an Enphase inverter system which helps with monitoring energy production 24/7.

With a custom solar panel installation, you can increase your property value, drastically reduce your electricity costs, cut down on pollution and toxic waste, and become energy independent. GHS has helped thousands make the switch go solar. You can be next!

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