Solar Panel Installation in Saylorsburg, PA


Solar Panel Installation in Saylorsburg, PA

Josefa of Saylorsburg, PA is another satisfied homeowner who has achieved energy independence with national solar developer Green Home Systems. His 4.62 kW LG 330 solar power system was designed by the GHS engineer team to fulfill his monthly electricity requirements. With his SolarEdge inverter, he is able to monitor his energy production 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. GHS walked him through the solar process, answering his questions and handling the system design, payment plans, and his solar panel installation. This residential property was a wonderful fit for solar because it had no trees or buildings obstructing the path of the sun to the roof. Josefa now has permission to operate and is no longer dependent on the utility company to power his home.

Green Home Systems is proud to welcome Josefa into the green energy movement. His 14 panel PV solar array is now fully operational and is protected by a solid 25-year warranty.

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Saylorsburg, PA