Solar Panel Installation in Pahrump, NV


Solar Panel Installation in Pahrump, NV

Pahrump, NV homeowner Jared has made the smart choice by going solar with Green Home Systems. It is easy to tell from the sight of this amazing solar power system Jared will not be depending on the utility company anymore to power his home. This 9,450-watt solar energy system consists of 30 finely tuned LG Electronics modules with 30 power optimizers and an Enphase inverter system enabling real-time solar production tracking.

GHS provides complete installation services and is proud to install American-made products for its customers looking for renewable energy alternatives. All solar energy systems help reduce our carbon footprint and generate electricity directly from the sun. Because of the modern advancements in solar power generation, you can produce your own electricity year-round without relying on a utility company. Also when you install solar onto your home, you are increasing your property value, cutting your power generation costs, and helping contribute to a greener world. So go green and get peace of mind by making the switch to solar with Green Home Systems.

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