Solar Panel Installation in Lakeville, MN


Solar Panel Installation in Lakeville, MN

As Hariny found out, it’s always a good time to go solar with Green Home Systems. This 11.97 kW system includes 38 LG Electronics solar panels, a SolarEdge inverter, 38 power optimizers, and complete monitoring capabilities. It is 11,970 watts of clean, solar energy and comes with a warranty that lasts for 25 years. Now Hariny is producing his own electricity and supporting the environment with renewable energy.

GHS makes the transition to solar energy quick and satisfying. We use your annual kilowatt consumption as the means to determine the size of your custom solar power system. We provide many payment plan options to get you up and running without any setbacks. Our project managers with assist with the obtain all of the permits you will need from the city, and get your system connected to the grid. At this point you are ready to power your own home and save big! With GHS, just sit back and let us handle the process from beginning to end.

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