Solar Panel Installation in Fortuna, CA


Solar Panel Installation in Fortuna, CA

Luis, a homeowner out of Fortuna, CA is the proud new owner of this solar panel system installed by solar developer Green Home Systems. After reaching out to GHS, Luis was able to have all of his questions answered and a system was designed to cover his annual electricity needs. GHS helped to put him through financing to get just the right loan and collect all necessary permits to operate. A found an optimal place to fit the installation of his 6.12 kW PV perfectly onto his flat roof in direct alignment to the sun. Now, with his American-made solar panels, Luis is independent of his utility company to power his home.

This solar energy system includes 18 LG 340 solar panels, 1 SolarEdge Energy Hub inverter, 18 power optimizers, and real-time, full-system energy monitoring access. It also comes with a satisfaction-guaranteed 25-year warranty.

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Fortuna, CA