Solar Panel Installation in Carthage, IL


Solar Panel Installation in Carthage, IL

It was our pleasure at Green Home Systems to help install solar for Donald of Carthage, IL. This 6.6 kW PV system consists of 20 cutting-edge LG 330 modules and a SolarEdge HD Wave inverter system with 24/7 monitoring access. The solar panels were placed on the roof in direct line with the sun for maximal electricity production. GHS assisted this homeowner with his solar consultation and was able to engineer just the right system to enable him to become energy independent. We Also equipped Donald with all of the best rebates and incentives in Illinois to help him save more on electricity costs.

By making the switch to go solar with Green Home Systems, you can save hundreds, if not thousands over the course of the year without having to do anything differently. It’s a simple and effective way to give back to the planet, reduce your carbon footprint, and start building a nest egg for the future. Once you experience the benefits of renewable energy, you won’t go back to utility company dependency again.

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