Solar Panel Installation in Ashland, PA


Solar Panel Installation in Ashland, PA

Did you know that solar panels even produce solar energy in the rain? Although not as much as on a sunny day, Ganeshan of Ashland, PA is still exercising his energy independence regardless of the weather. National solar developer Green Home Systems helped to install his 5.94 kW LG 330 brand system without complication or delays. The GHS engineer team perfectly matched this 18-panel system to cover Ganeshan’s annual electricity requirements every month. And with his SolarEdge HD Wave inverter, he is able to monitor his energy production around the clock, 24/7.

GHS took care of the entire solar process for Ganeshan, answering his questions and handling the system design, payment plan, permitting, and solar panel installation. This residential property was a perfect candidate for solar because it had no trees or buildings obstructing the path of the sun to the roof. Now with permission to operate, this system is generating clean solar energy. Green Home Systems is your one-stop shop into the green energy movement. All products and work are protected by a 25-year warranty.

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