Ground Mount Solar Installation in Hereford, CO


Ground Mount Solar Installation in Hereford, CO

Green Home Systems has helped to install this deluxe ground-mounted photovoltaic solar energy system for homeowner Steven of Hereford, CO. GHS walked him through the solar process which was quick and thorough. We were able to utilize his open space by designing the perfect ground mount solar array to meet his electricity requirements, as well as collect all necessary permits from the city and get him up and running. Steven’s 15,840-watt system consisted of 48 solar panels manufactured in the USA by LG and a SolarEdge inverter system with convenient monitoring access 24/7.

With a custom solar panel installation, you can increase your property value, drastically reduce your electricity costs, cut down on pollution and toxic waste, and become energy independent. GHS has helped thousands make the switch go solar. You can be next!

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