SPAN Smart Electrical Panel

SPAN smart electrical panel is a modernly-engineered circuit control panel that is built to replace the standard electrical panel. It can be integrated with home solar systems, energy storage, and electric vehicles.



One Hundred Percent


Energy Monitoring

An Intelligent Way to Control Energy and Bring Connectivity into Your Home

The panel provides you control on how you use the electricity in your home. It can be wired to up to 32 circuits, all of which can be managed through a smartphone application. If a home needs more circuits to be connected, more panels can be installed.

Premium Aesthetics – It’s the Time to Replace Your Ancient Breaker Panel

The SPAN smart electric panel is slightly bigger than the standard electrical panel and looks visually compelling with a sleek design. It features a snazzy glass door and lights, which switch on every time it is opened. The panel can be mounted either inside or outside your house.

Manage Every Circuit from the Palm of Your Hand


Real-Time Control

SPAN electrical panel lets you monitor and control every connected circuit in your home right from your smartphone. When an electrical outage, you can choose which parts of the home you want to power.


Actionable Performance Analytics

The panel runs powerful performance analytics to provide you insights about your energy consumption and educate you on how to make great savings on your electricity bill.

Connectivity Options

Extensive Connectivity Options

SPAN electrical panel comes up with a range of connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, cellular and Bluetooth connections. This makes sure that you have control over home energy from anywhere at any time.


Customizable Power Backup

Connecting the Span electric panel to the whole-home battery can help you choose how the available stored energy in your home power network will be used during a power outage.


We Have Partnership with SPAN Inc

We at Green Home System take immense pride in having partnered with SPAN Inc to offer smart electric panels to our customers. Our certified and licensed technicians have the knowledge and expertise of how to install the SPAN electrical panel the right way. No matter it is a new build or retrofit, we go above and beyond to install the panel with the highest degree of accuracy and perfection so that you can enjoy optimum performance and durability from it for many years to come. Reach out to us today to get started with or upgrade to a connected and resilient electric home.

About SPAN Inc

Span, Inc. provides smart energy equipment and solutions to homeowners across California. The company was founded by Arch Rao, a former head of engineering at Tesla Energy, in 2018 and is headquartered in San Francisco.

Installing Solar + Storage is Now a Plug & Play Affair

SPAN smart electrical panel is packed with all the key electrical components and has made the design and deployment of solar and storage simpler and more affordable than ever.

About SPAN Inc

Seamless Integration with Solar

You can integrate the SPAN smart electrical panel with your photovoltaic modules and track how much energy your system is producing. If you have a grid-connected system, you can keep tabs on the amount of power that is being sent to the grid. The panel helps you determine how long you can go without power during a power outage or when you are not connected to the grid.

The electric panel currently is currently compatible with SolarEdge, LG Chem, and Tesla Powerwall storage systems.

Exceptionally Better Than the Rest

Battery optimization, unprecedented functionality, better control management, and predictive algorithms are among countless characteristics that make SPAN smart electric panel a better choice than its counterparts.