Solar Power in Los Angeles: Green Home Systems Installs Grid Tie-In System


Our business, Green Home Systems, recently completed a solar install for a client in Los Angeles. The client, Alex M., chose us for our reputation and craftsmanship. The install took several days and we faced some challenges along the way, but we were able to successfully complete the project and the client was very satisfied with the results.

The main reason that Alex decided to go solar was to save money on their electricity bill. With the help of government and utility company incentives, going solar can be a very cost-effective decision. Alex’s property had partial sun exposure, but we were still able to install a grid tie-in system with battery backup that will provide power even when the sun isn’t shining.

Since completing the install, Alex has already seen a reduction in their electricity bill and an increase in their property value. They now have the peace of mind of knowing that they have backup power in case of an outage.

If you’re considering going solar, we encourage you to contact us for a free consultation. We’ll help you determine if solar is right for you and provide you with a competitive quote. Going solar is a great way to save money and do your part to protect the environment.

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