Hesperus, CO: Green Home Systems Installs 20.16 KW SolarEdge System

Green Home Systems was recently hired by Sheri C. of Hesperus, Colorado, to install a 20.16 KW SolarEdge system for her home located on County Road 122. The project was completed within a couple of weeks and the results have been incredible!

Sheri chose Green Home Systems based on our craftsmanship, our reputation and our financing options. The main reason she chose us was because we could complete the project on time with the best customer service in the industry.

The system installed by Green Home Systems has already allowed Sheri to reduce her electricity bill and increase her property value while providing backup power for her home. The solar panel system is a grid tie-in which is connected directly to her local utility company’s grid for power generation and storage.

We used top of the line SolarEdge inverters which are guaranteed to be durable and perform well for years to come. Our warranty for these products gives customers peace of mind that their system will be maintained and repaired when needed. We also offer government and utility company incentives to help make going solar even more affordable for our customers.

At Green Home Systems, we are proud to have been chosen by Sheri C., and we are thrilled that she has experienced such great success with her new solar system! We would like to thank Sheri for choosing us and allowing us the opportunity to provide her with an exceptional solar experience. We look forward to continuing to serve customers in Hesperus, Colorado and all over the world with their solar needs!

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