Robert Esslinger – Victorville, CA

Robert (Bob) Esslinger of Victorville, CA was considering installing solar panels to save on his expenses. Bob was fed up with paying high rates to his utility company for electricity, so he decided to make the switch to solar with GHS. As you can see, Bob made the right choice. Now he is utilizing the sun to power his home, and saving on utility costs as a result.

Bob’s residential installation was carefully designed and mapped out to offset his electricity bills. After just 4 months, his solar panel system saved him over $660. GHS specializes in providing American-made products for its customers looking for renewable energy alternatives. We are happy to help assist Bob on his path to energy independence, allowing him to save money for more important things in life.

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Marcia F. Homeowner

“ Great customer service!!! We joined Green Home Systems at the first of the year to have solar panels installed at our house. During the time frame we did have several questions & were always answered quickly! They have gone out of their way to help us understand all the process! ”

Randle G. Homeowner

" These guys know how to get the job done. The equipment, technologies and installation were perfect. Though the price may be steep at first the advantages of solar and what we are doing or not doing to the environment is fantastic. "

Elanor S. Homeowner

" Ten stars!! Everyone we dealt with at Green Home Systems - from sales to installation were highly professional." Financing was made easy. They took care of all the red tape and dealt completely with the electric company (PECO)- couldn't have been easier. I'm very confident in the quality of the product. Highly recommend this company. "

As solar is on track to become the mainstream alternative energy source, and the installation costs are historically low, there is no room for a delay to go green.


Jon & Lynde Peralta – Rancho Cucamonga, CA

The initial reason Mr. and Mrs. Peralta chose to go solar was due to the rising cost of electricity. With electricity bills topping $500 in the summer, they felt it was time to seek other options. They requested information online and found Green Home Systems who was able to answer all of their questions and design a system that would meet their energy requirements while also complimenting the aesthetics of their property.

The installation was soon scheduled and completed within a week. Mr. and Mrs. Peralta were especially satisfied with the professionalism and cleanliness of the installation crew, who also kept them informed throughout the entire process. The 25 year warranty provided them the peace of mind needed to be sure that going solar was a wise investment. Now their electricity bill dropped to $13 and they couldn’t be happier.

Trotter Family Testimonial – Wyoming

The Trotter Family have been trying to find ways to provide electricity for Their own needs outside of the grid and finally found solar to be a feasible option. Green Home Systems was able to assist the Trotters in answering all of their questions and laying out a solid plan to go solar. Everything was taken care of—from determining the system size, to getting the solar panels onto their home, to the cost required, to the timeline of the installation process.

Now the Trotters can experiencing all of the many benefits of energy independence.