Green Home Systems is proud to announce the completion of a large solar energy system built for Notre Dame High School in Los Angeles, CA. The system will save the high school up to a sum of $30,000/year and will produce over 200,000kWh/year.

Notre Dame High School had recently built a multi-level parking garage to add extra room for their students to park. The garage was already equipped with state-of-the-art EV charging stations, but they wanted to take the garage a step further by adding solar panels to the structure. This would offer the dual purpose of producing electricity. And also offering shade for students whose cars parked on the roof (in addition to saving the school money on electricity and following in accordance with California state mandates).

Because the state of California is declaring more and more solar energy mandates. And leaders are pushing for the state to be 100% renewable within the next few decades, Notre Dame High School’s decision to add solar energy to their structure is a huge advantage moving forward. Eventually, all schools in CA will likely need to run 100% on renewable energy. So getting a head-start on this will only help to ease into the transition.

Green Home Systems Builds Solar Energy System

They first started looking into the solar carport because of a mandate from the state of California for all new construction to include a minimum size solar energy system. They decided to increase the size of the structure to create more of their own clean energy. Which will save them money as well as contribute to the green energy movement.

Barry Durand, Commercial Director at Green Home Systems, states, “The Notre Dame project was particularly tricky. Their contractor had already built the carport as a flat level structure without a roof. They wanted the solar panels to be tilted toward the sun like most solar installations. We designed a custom racking system that allowed us to tilt the panels in rows and accomplish what they desired.”

Barry continued to share that though the project came with its obstacles, GHS has never been a company to shy away from a challenge.

“Challenges only allow us to grow,” shares Durand. “With each new experience, we become better at what we do and can offer higher levels of service to our customers nationwide.”

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