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GHS Is Partnered With Enphase, Together We Are A Global Leader For Your Solar Energy System.


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About Enphase

Enphase Energy Inc is an American technology company known for designing and manufacturing software-driven home energy solutions. It is the world’s leading provider of solar microinverters, storage systems, monitoring software, and other accessories. 

Enphase Energy Inc

We Are Certified Enphase Installers

Over the years, we successfully designed and installed many dozens of solar systems across the country using Enphase inverters and storage systems.

No matter you are a new or retrofit solar customer, we can design and install a perfect solution so that you experience a more efficient and resilient solar system. 

We Are Authorized Enphase Partners

Green Home Systems is an authorized partner of Enphase. We have access to Enphase inverters and storage systems and maintain a team of qualified professionals to perform the installation, repair, and maintenance of these products.

Enphase Solar Battery

Enphase Products We Offer

Enphase Encharge 10 - A Smart & Reliable Solar Battery Backup

Enphase Encharge 10™ is a coupled storage system. It is comprised of 3 base Encharge 3™ storage units and 12 grid-forming microinverters in a single enclosure. It can hold 10.08 kWh of electricity, with a maximum power rating of 3.84 kW. Its safety, battery longevity, and customization possibilities make it a smart choice for both homes and businesses.

 Product Highlights

  • Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
  • Sized to output 290 watts of power
  • Max Output Power —  295 VA (IQ 7+)
  • Ability to form grids for backup operation
  • Utility time of use (TOU) optimization

Enphase Products We Offer

Enphase IQ7+ High-Powered Smart Grid-Ready Microinverter

Enphase IQ7+ is a device designed for high-power and high-density cell solar modules to maximize their performance. It is installed beneath each panel and can increase the energy production of a system by 7% on average. This technologically advanced inverter can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

Product Highlights

  • Simple to install and smart-grid ready
  • Compatible with 60-Cell and 72-Cell panels
  • MPPT Range: 27V – 37V (IQ 7), 27V – 45V (IQ 7+)
  • Max Output Power: 250 VA (IQ 7) or 295 VA (IQ 7+)
  • 25-Year Warranty
Enphase IQ7+

Why Enphase is Our Preferred Partner

The Enphase products are of high-quality and designed to last, having gone through the industry’s most rigorous testing. Each of them lines up with the strongest warranty the industry has to offer.